Looking for reliable Edinburgh tradespeople?

HomeForce is Edinburgh's one-stop-shop for good quality, reliable tradespeople.

All tradespeople are thoroughly vetted and continuously appraised.

From installing a new boiler, renovating a bathroom or kitchen or simply fitting a shelf, we'll match the right tradesperson to your job, saving you time, money and frustration.

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To request a visit from a tradesperson call 0131 315 0000 or complete the Request-a-Visit form opposite.

An Edinburgh Company, providing local, Edinburgh, tradespeople.

What is Edinburgh HomeForce?

Edinburgh HomeForce provides thoroughly vetted and continually appraised tradespeople for any property repair, maintenance or renovation work. 

Not only do we ensure tradespeople are qualified and have the right skills and experience for your job, we also insist that they adhere to our service pledge. If they don't we won't take them on. 

HomeForce tradespeople are employed directly by you, the customer, but should anything not meet your full satisfaction HomeForce will be on hand to help. 

What does it cost?

Nothing, you pay only what the tradesperson charges you. You pay nothing to HomeForce.

Tradespeople pay HomeForce for the services they receive in the same way they pay accountants, insurance brokers or suppliers.

You might think that tradespeople will charge you more for work from HomeForce. That is not the case. HomeForce tradespeople charge the same hourly rates whether you find them directly or through HomeForce. However, when you come through HomeForce you have the peace of mind of knowing that they are already thoroughly vetted and are continuously appraised.

What tradespeople can HomeForce provide?

Anything from plumbers and gas engineers to electricians and joiners, from roofers and tilers to gardeners, plasterers, decorators and handymen. Whether you are installing a new bathroom or kitchen and want one person to take on the whole job or are renovating a property and want to manage a team of individual tradespeople HomeForce will match the tradesperson to your job. 

Our promise is that we make make sure the tradesperson coming to your door is bona fide, qualified and, above all, reliable.