Who is the best bathroom fitter in Edinburgh?
After extensive surveys, customer research and peer group enquiries we can reveal that “The best bathroom fitter in Edinburgh” is…the person, or company, that is right for your job.

As with any profession “The Best” is a subjective view point and only appropriate to a particular set of circumstances. A set of skills, qualifications and experience that is best for one bathroom installation is not necessarily best for another.
This is why HomeForce believe that appointing the right person for a bathroom renovation is more likely to save you time and money than simply seeking out the lowest bidder.

(For ways to save money on a new bathroom installation we have some things to consider in our article HERE)

Who carries out bathroom renovations in Edinburgh?

Before covering what factors affect “who is best” it’s worth explaining that, for the most part, bathroom installations are carried out by small teams or individuals who cover all the trades & skills necessary.

“Bathroom Companies” will, more often than not, subcontract the bathroom installation to these individuals or small teams, but these teams / individuals will also carry out bathroom renovation projects independently i.e. direct with customers.
What you get in addition from a bathroom company is a sales person, the design service, a single point of contact who is not a trades person and access to the range(s) offered by that company.

This “product package” offered by “Bathroom Companies” may be exactly what matches your requirements (and therefore be the “Best” for you). You will probably pay more for this and have access to a smaller range of suites etc. than by going direct to a bathroom fitter.

What circumstances will affect who is “best”?

Your level of involvement
  • Would you like to spend time visiting different showrooms or searching the net to select the suite, plumbing fittings, tiles and flooring? If so you will save money and have the whole market to choose from
  • If you’d rather someone just make it happen, someone who will bring samples to you, offer a full design service source and manage any trades needed. This will cost more but then what value do you put on your time?
The type of bathroom
  • A high end “dream” or “feature” bathroom would be better suited to a company or small team with access to a design service and innovative installation ideas.
  •  If it’s a small bathroom where space-saving ideas are required than usually a smaller team or “one man team” is best.
  • For a smarten-up of a bathroom then usually a competent handyman will do all that is needed.

Your budget
  • Do you have a fixed budget or are you willing to spend what it takes for your dream bathroom? By dealing directly with an installer you may be able to better work out ways for your budget to go further.
Pros and Cons of different bathroom installation teams:

Below we have tried to simplify what we see as being the positives and negatives of selecting different bathroom installation teams.

Multi skilled bathroom fitter: (one or two person team)
  • Ideal for small bathrooms
  • No need for trades to wait for each other as all done by one / two person.
  •  Primarily down to you to find and buy the fixtures and fittings.
  • For larger projects may take longer than “teams” can manage (but could take less as one trade does not have to wait for the other)
Bathroom Fitting Company
  • One person will manage whole process from design to completion
  • Problems that arise are down to them to resolve (after consultation with you)
  • May limit your choice of brands for fixtures and fittings - this can be a positive as may get good deals
  • Can be most expensive due to the “overheads” of the service.
Multi Trades Team: (i.e. you managing a team of tradespeople)
  •  You can hand pick own team of plumbers, tillers, joiners or electricians.
  • Can work out cheapest (as long as managed carefully)
  • If something goes wrong it’s up to you to sort out (for example a tradesman being off sick)
  • Time consuming, not recommended without some knowledge of the renovation projects.
If you are not sure where to start in your bathroom plans call HomeForce on 0131 315 0000, complete our Request a Visit form or email us on info@homeforcegroup.co.uk. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with the right person for your job.