Door Entry System Installation or Upgrade - HomeForce Tips
Some suggestions for when installing a new or upgrading an existing door entry system in Edinburgh.

A door entry system is ultimately about security; it’s about ensuring undesirables don’t have access to your stairwell and it’s a first line of defence against people trying to break into your property.

And, while there may be occasions when you regret having a good door entry system - when the door clicks shut just after you realise you forgot your keys or when the rain pours down when you arrive home with your arms full of shopping - the majority of time you’ll be glad of a good quality door entry system.

Following are HomeForce’s tips for door entry systems:  

1)    Go “Vandal Resistant”

•    A determined vandal will damage most things when they have a mind to, that’s why you’ll struggle to find any manufacturer who Guarantees “100% Vandal Proof”. More often it’s Vandal Resistant.
•    Of course, top of the range, vandal resistant systems cost more than less resistant systems, but they cost much the same to install and you might lament skimping when you have to pay for the replacement or repair the first time the system is vandalised.

2)    Strengthen Your Door (And frame).

•    There’s little point investing in a top of the range door entry system if the door itself is going to collapse like a film stuntman’s balsa wood chair at the first strong push.
•    Also consider the frame strength; could it do with reinforcement either by adding stronger framing or even steel plates in the frame & around the lock?

3)    Fit a decent / the right door closer.

•    Not all door closers are created equal. Door closers are designed for specific weights of door to ensure they close (and lock) doors – without an earth shaking bang – even on windy days.

4)    Ditch the snib.

•    The locks on many Edinburgh Tenement doors are simple night latches with a snib meaning anyone can leave the latch retracted and allow anyone to walk in.
•    Upgrade to a higher security lock without a snib.
•    While you’re at it get rid of the hook and eye and wooden door wedge, they are just inviting people to leave the door unsecured (Contentious?!)

5)    Set the Services Button Timer

•    Do you know what times the services button works on your door entry system?
•    Do you even know that you can change the time that it allows access?
•    You might be surprised to find that the services button actually releases the lock pretty much all day.  

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