Edinburgh Door Entry System Installation Costs
Installing costs for Door Entry Systems in Edinburgh will vary for each property and situation. This article provides figures that can be used for initial budgeting.

“What’s the cost of installing a door entry system in Edinburgh?”

When replacing an Edinburgh tenement door entry system this will be the question all owners of properties in the block will want answered before committing to proceed.

The answer, naturally enough, is “it depends”. What it depends on we will cover below but as guidance:
  •  For a six property system allow £275 to £325 per property  (£1,650 to £1,950 total)
  • For a 12 property system allow £225 to £275 per property (£2,700 to £3,300 total)
Note these costs offer guidance only; they include parts and labour but not VAT when applicable.

Before getting the requisite “three quotes” for a new door entry system we’d recommend seeking agreement in principal from all property owners in a tenement to spend amounts around those shown (See “Arranging Communal Works ”). Not only will you save your time but a tradesperson will be far more predisposed to providing a quote if they know a budget has been agreed AND, better still, that some of the “it depends” factors have, at least, been discussed, if not actually agreed upon.

What factors affect the cost of a door entry system installation?

1)    System Specification

The biggest impact on the cost of a new or replacement door entry system is the specification of the system you choose:
  • Audio Only or Audio & Visual
  • Privacy buttons on handsets (Stops your handset ringing when “on”)
  • Inclusion of a service button on intercom
  • Vandal resistant or not
  • Material used for access panel  (Brass v’s polished steel)
  • Engraving, printing or removable labels on intercom panel
  • Level of lock security
  • Key fob or touch pad entry
  • App enabled intercoms
  • Wireless options
As with most things the higher specification and better quality systems have a correspondingly higher cost. For example some handsets can cost as little as £15 while others – with audio & visual - can be £250 or more.

2)    Installing New OR Replacing Existing Door Entry System
On one hand replacing an existing door entry system can make things cheaper…
  • No need for a new electrical connections, wiring or circuit breakers
  • Lines of existing cabling can be followed or even the cabling could be reused.
  • Other elements of existing system (e.g. handsets) could be reusable (though it may not always be advisable)...
  • ….but some times make it more expensive:
    • The need to strip out an existing system can take time
    • If trying to reuse existing elements the cost saved in parts can be outweighed by the labour charging checking things will & do work.
3)    Joinery Work
Supplying and installing a door entry system could be only one part of the cost. Consideration should also be given to any joinery work that may be required
  • Replacing or Adjusting a Door closer: - You’ll want to ensure the new door entry system closes and locks the door but does so without such a bang as to disturb ground floor flats.
  • Strengthening a door or door frame: -there’s little point spending £1,500 on a door entry system if the door or frame bursts open in the first strong breeze.  
  • Lock Fitting: - Usually included in the fitting of Door entry system but some istances may require specialist joiner skills.
4)    Moving an intercom entry panel from an inner to an outer door
Many tenements (particularly round Easter Road, Abbeyhill and Leith Walk) have an inner and outer door with the intercom between the two.
Moving the intercom to outside the outer door will affect costs but not as much as some of the other factors mentioned above.  

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