Gas Boiler Service : - 5 reasons why you should. NOW!
When winter arrives our gas boilers are expected to surge in to action after lying dormant all summer. If you haven’t maintained your boiler and had it serviced regularly that surge may be more of a splutter. Here are five other reasons why you should service your gas boiler every 12 months.
1) For you and your families safety
The primary purpose of a Gas Boiler Service is concerned with checking its safe function; ensuring there are no gas leaks or releases of carbon monoxide. Contrary to popular belief a boiler service is not a “strip down, clean, replace worn parts and put back together” exercise.
To read what a boiler service includes CLICK HERE
2) Maintain validity of Warranty
Check the small print on your warranty. Several manufacturers & installers specify that a boiler must be serviced annually for the warranty to remain valid.
3) To save money
Part of the service will ensure that the fuel (Gas) is being burned efficiently. If it is not, the boiler will be adjusted accordingly. A boiler burning more fuel that it needs to will cost you more in fuel bills.
4) A regularly serviced boiler lasts longer
With the cost of a new boiler starting from a minimum of around £1500 and potentially rising to six or seven thousand £s you want your current boiler to last as long as possible.
5) Fewer expensive break downs
While a boiler service will not and cannot prevent a break down occurring it can help spot early signs of break down and, as the saying goes, an inexpensive stich in time saves nine expensive ones later.
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In the mean time here are some answers to frequently asked questions:
How often should my gas boiler be serviced?
HomeForce’s tip: put a note in your diary for two to three weeks before it’s due each year as it may take that long to get it scheduled due to coordinating a diary with an engineer.
When is the best time to get a boiler service?
Strictly speaking it should be serviced on the anniversary of its installation. But if you don’t know when that is then pick a meaningful date (Guy Fawkes night?!) so that you remember.
HomeForce’s tip: Try getting your boiler serviced in the late summer or early autumn. Gas engineers are less busy than in winter.
How much does a service cost?
 Around £65 to £75 (ex VAT). Any repairs recommended will be in addition.
HomeForce’s tip: If you have more than one gas appliance have it serviced at the same time. It will cost less than having them serviced separately.
How long will it take?
Around 30 minutes to an hours. If it takes less then ask why.
HomeForce’s tip: - The day before the boiler service turn on your boiler and all your radiators and run it for an hour or so. Then you’ll know if anything sounds suspect.
What is included in a gas boiler service?
CLICK HERE to read what a boiler service entails.
Winter or summer HomeForce provides Gas Safe Registered engineers.
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