What is a boiler service?
A boiler service, as people are mostly aware, should be conducted annually, but what does a boiler service actually entail? We’ve tried to demystify that a little in this article.
The primary purpose of a boiler service is to ensure that the boiler is operating safely. It does not, usually, involve dismantling the boiler, cleaning component parts and reassembling it.

So, what then does a boiler service involve?

According to the British Gas Website a boiler service includes:
  • Checking gas pressure.
  • Testing the flue (including for carbon monoxide leaks).
  • General inspection including the controls.
  • Check for any wear or leaks.  

However, that seems quite general so here’s what we hope is a more comprehensive explanation. However, please bear in mind that exactly what is done for a boiler service will vary depending on the age of the boiler and the manufacturer's specifications. 
Of utmost importance is analysis of how the boiler is burning gas and the emissions produced; doing this will enable the engineer to assess if there are issues that require further investigation.
Emissions to be tested are Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide and the ratio of each in the flue gases. Also assessed are the temperature, oxygen levels and gas to air ratio.
If readings are outwith manufacturers acceptable tolerances then further work on the injectors, heat exchangers or burners may be required. Note that engineers may charge you for this work over and above the cost of the charge for a boiler service.
In addition the following will, for the most part, be included in a boiler service:
  • Overall visual inspection of boiler and it’s workings.
  • Visual inspection of all accessible parts of the flue, checking for signs of leaks, corrosion or obstructions.
  • Check that ventilation meets standards.
  • Check flow of water into boiler is sound.
  • Check flow of gas into boiler is sound.
  • Ensure safety shut off valve is working.
  • Visual check of electrics, loose wires, earth bonding. Referred to electrician if anything appears incorrect.
  • Measure / check the working pressure of the boiler.
  • Check that the pressure of the gas is the same at the meter and boiler.
  • Ensure isolation for Gas and Electricity is available (within 1m).
  • Check rate at which boiler is burning gas and adjust gas valve accordingly.
  • Check ignition & combustion chamber.
  • Check fan for clear airways.
  • Inspect control box / timer.
  • Clean out waste water siphon.
  • On standard efficiency boilers the burners would be cleaned, this is not the case on high efficiency boilers unless the flue emission readings are outwith accepted limits.

We'd recommend that you keep in mind that, while one would expect a regularly serviced boiler to remain operational for longer than an un-serviced one, any given component of a boiler could fail at any time including the day before or after it is serviced. Having a boiler serviced unfortunately doesn't give a guarantee of 12 months trouble free operation.

To arrange for a Gas Safe Registered engineer to service your boiler contact us on 0131 315 0000, complete our Request-A-Visit form or email us on info@homeforcegroup.co.uk