Property Hints & Tips
As well as providing reliable Edinburgh tradespeople HomeForce does like to try to help customers save time and money in other ways.

These hints and tips are based on our Edinburgh tradespeople’s experience, customers feedback and all-round property related knowledge.

If you have a property related hint or tip that you think others might benefit from send us an email and we’ll happily add it to web site. (

Change the batteries and test your smoke alarms every year on your birthday. You'll never forget the day and you'll know they are ready for when you really need them.

Paint never dries the colour you think it will so always invest time and a little money beforehand by buying sample pots to make sure you have picked the right colour.

Your door is only as secure as the strength of the frame – replace or repair it if it’s loose or rotten.

If you have pets at home and are thinking about painting walls, choose an acrylic based paint. It dries faster and has less odour.

Using dimmer switches uses less energy and is kinder to bulbs than conventional switches so you won’t have to change the bulbs so often.

Save time stripping wallpaper. Mix 2/3 hot water with 1/3 fabric conditioner, spray onto the wallpaper and leave for 10 to 20 minutes. The paper should scrape off far more easily.

If a light bulb breaks in its socket use a carrot to twist the broken fitting out. Make sure the light is turned off at the mains before you do anything.

If you have just moved house have the locks changed. You’ll know exactly who has keys to your home.

If working near a bath or basin put in the plug to stop any dropped items from being lost down the drain. If working near a loo put down the lid - same reason.

Make a shopping list of the materials you need and try 2 or 3 outlets before buying. It’s amazing how much you can save.

If you are concerned about a freshly painted door sticking when you close it. Wait for it to be touch dry and then rub the edges with a candle before closing.

If the smell of fresh paint gets to you, cut an onion in half and leave it in the room. We don’t know how it works but it does.

If you have no choice but to nail wood but you don't want to see the nail head, use a very sharp chisel and carefully chisel up a small sliver of the timber, drive the nail in underneath, then glue the timber back in place.

Before calling out an engineer to repair an appliance (or shower or boiler) check to see if the warranty is still valid. The repair should be done free of charge if there is a fault.

Tell a tradesperson if you are only thinking about getting a job done and just need a rough idea of price. They’d far rather you did than spend time doing a detailed quote for a job that really might not happen