Garden Decking
Garden Decking in Edinburgh

Decking is a wonderful way to create a neat and attractive outdoor living space that can even enhance the value of your property. It’s a particularly cost efficient way of making a useable space over sloping or uneven ground.

However, it’s not as simple as plonking some planks down. One of HomeForce’s skilled Edinburgh Joiners will guide you through how best to construct a decked area, what types of wood and finishes are available, where to locate the deck and how to keep it looking pristine.

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Why consider decking?

It looks neat and welcoming, for starters. And, as mentioned above, if you have a sloping or uneven garden or just part of a garden then a deck will create bright new usable place to be.

Decking is also usually cheaper to create than other ‘hard’ forms of garden landscaping, such as slabs and block work. It is also usually easier to maintain (provided it is built and fitted correctly) than grass or even gravel and bark.

Don’t forget, of course, that decking is a great way to make the most of Edinburgh’s gloriously hot, sun-filled summer days…maybe.


There are a few things to consider here but be creative. Decking doesn’t have to be tucked up against your house. Many Edinburgh homeowners have asked us to creat decking at the far end of the garden. This can give you a separate space to retire to with a drink of an evening.

You will probably want to make the most of any sheltered spot you have. However, don’t make it too screened from breezes and light, otherwise you will see algal build up which, aside from making the decking less appealing, can make it very slippery. Of course it can be cleaned with a pressure washer and the wood then re-treated to be good as new - something that HomeForce can help with too.


If you’re using the decking to transform a sloping or uneven area, you will need to build up supports under some of the joists. These will need to be rock solid.

You will usually need to lay a weed-proof membrane covered with gravel under the decking to prevent weeds working their way between your boards.

The deck should not be laid completely flush with a wall. If a suitable gap is not left, the wood will have nowhere to expand to when the sun does shine which will lead to it buckling and becoming unstable.

Be creative.

It’s worth taking a moment to consider the scope of your decking project. Have you thought about split- or multi-level decking? You could use this to create a stepped effect leading into the garden or to create a central recess or raised plinth. Could you deck your roof terrace or balcony?

Nowadays there are lots of wood types and finishes to choose from, so you can lay the perfect decking to suit your garden.

There are many options to choose from, any of HomeForce’s Joiners in Edinburgh will have some good ideas to help meet your requirements.

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