Door Hanging
Door hanging is a common joinery job that a good joinery will make look easy. It is though a good test of carpentry skills with pitfalls for the inexperienced.

This article is intended to give a little knowledge, rather than being a DIY guide, to give a little understanding of things to look out for.
Hanging a door can take from under an hour to up to three hours depending on the circumstances such as type and size of door. Exterior doors and stairwell doors will take a little longer than internal doors and may require two people simply due to their weight. 

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If you have your doubts that your doors haven’t been hung correctly here are a few things to check.

Door Fit
  • There should be an even gap of around 2mm all round the door. You can check the gap by sliding a 2 pence piece in to the gap on each side.
  • The door should not rattle. If it does it may be that the door stops are not plumb or the latch has been incorrectly fitted.
  • The door should not drag on the floor once fitted. Of course the floor could be on an angle in old Edinburgh tenements but equally the hinges could be incorrectly fitted.
  • A joiner should check that angles are square and floor is level before starting.


Hinge position
  • The correct position for internal doors is 6 inches down from the top, 9 inches up from the bottom and the third hinge slap bang in the middle between these.


Bedding of hinges into the door or door frame
  • This can be done with a chisel or router but the hinge should ideally sit flush within the edge of the door.
  • The edges, where the hinges are fitted, should be neat with no splintered wood.
  • Transposing the position for the hinges from the door to the frame or frame should be done with a ridged tape measure not a flexible, retractable one.


Pilot Screw Holes
  • Screw holes should be piloted either with a small drill bit or a bevel. Not doing so could result in the door splitting or weakening.


Hinge Quality
  • With hinges, as with most things, you get what you pay for. Cheap hinges may bend of sag. Equally, so will hinges that are too small for the weight of the door to be hung. Hinges that will support the weight of the door should be used.

If you are planning to do hang some doors yourself then there are many "How To" guides on the internet such as this step by step guide from Homebase.

If you would like to arrange for a qualified, experienced, thoroughly vetted and continually appraised  joiner to hang doors in your property call HomeForce on 0131 315 0000.