Roof Maintenance
For roof maintenance "if it isn't broken don't fix it" is often the default approach of many property owners.
Perhaps this is not surprising given that a roof is, for the most part, out of sight and so out of mind. Only when there is internal evidence of a roof failing do we start to think about repairing it.

Such an approach is understandable for a number of reasons; in an Edinburgh tenement the complexities, diplomacy, politics and shear efforts required to gain consent from all liable parties is daunting, to say the least.

Additionally, there is perhaps an underlying fear of opening a can of worms unnecessarily. In a recent survey of consumers by “Which?”, roofers were considered the least trusted trades people. So a reluctance to get involved with roofers is explicable.

However, when it comes to roof repairs we believe that prevention is not only better but also cheaper, than a cure.

Indeed with “Storm Damage” claim submissions to insurers likely to increase due to more frequent extreme weather events then insurance companies will scrutinise claims more to ensure that roofs have been properly maintained in the first instance. If they feel a roof has not been properly maintained, they may not pay out. On some new build properties any roof warranties may become invalid if roof maintenance is not carried out annually.

Annual Roof Maintenance

One way to ensure your roof remains in good order is to have a qualified roofer carry out an annual maintenance visit.

Of course, there are numerous stories of bogus roofers claiming that all manner of work is needed to perfectly good roofs.

To avoid being duped by sham roofers we’d recommend going on the roof with the roofer and having them explain the work they will carry out. If it is in anyway unsafe for you to go on the roof then the roofer should be willing to take and show you photographs of the work they say is needed and that they do.

If a roofer claims that extensive work is needed (anything more than, say, £200) then seek a second opinion.

And, of course, we’d recommend using a HomeForce approved roofer.

What should annual roof maintenance involve?

A roofer won’t check every slate or tile, every seam and joint and every line of pointing. Nor can they guarantee that having carried out maintenance a freak gust of wind won’t dislodge a tile the very next day. However, what is likely to be included in an annual maintenance visit would be:

  • Clear gutters & Down pipes
  • Repair gutter seals
  • Replace missing / dislodged slates and tiles
  • A visual check of slates and tiles
  • Check skews and flashing
  • Check chimney pots & cowls
  • Clear plant debris
  • On flat roofs check for “ponding” water, splitting, ridging or blistering of the roof felt

What will it cost?
If extensive work (over, say, £200) is needed a roofer should be willing to provide you with an estimate and give you the opportunity to seek other quotes. If in doubt, get a second opinion.

More usually a "maintenance" visit will cost from £85 to £150, more for larger roofs and certainly more if access equipment (cherry pickers or Scaffolding) is required.

Whatever the cost though addressing minor problems before they escalate maximizes roof life as well as minimizes headaches and expense in the long run.

To arrange for an experienced qualified, reliable, thoroughly vetted and continually appraised roofer to carry out a maintenance visit to your property call us on 0131 315 0000 or email