How Edinburgh Tradespeople Are Gaining an Advantage Over Their Competitors.
There are just two ways a tradesperson can “compete” when trying to secure work.

1) Compete on price (i.e. trying to be the cheapest)
2) Make the service they provide of a better quality than their competitors

At HomeForce we help tradespeople provide a better quality service so they don’t have to be the cheapest by using low quality materials, cutting corners on jobs, reducing profits to the bare minimum and working long hours to just scrape by.

We’re not suggesting that any tradesperson should charge inflated prices; in fact HomeForce’s Market Rate Monitor shows that HomeForce accredited tradespeople are in the lower middle price range of comparable tradespeople in Edinburgh

How does HomeForce make tradespeople better?

While HomeForce does ensure that trades people have the skills and qualifications required to do any given job we do not try to make them “the best Joiner / Plumber / Gas Engineer / Electrician / Roofer in Edinburgh”. How can you judge “the Best” anyway?

What HomeForce does do is help tradespeople do the things that make up good customer service (i.e. do the things trades people have a reputation for not doing)
  • Promptly call customers
  • Turn up when they say they are going to
  • Let customers know if they are held up in traffic or are caught up on a job
  • Promptly produce and send clear & itemised quotations, invoices and receipts
  • Clearly and easily communicate with customers
  • Provide a clear dispute resolution process if problems arise

HomeForce does all this by:
  • Setting out clear guidelines for tradespeople to follow
  • Providing tradespeople with access to HomeForce’s proprietary software to make it easy to adhere to these customer service principals
  • Providing administrative and business support
  • Reducing tradespeople’s overhead expenses so they can keep prices as low as possible.
  • Providing on going customer service training

Think this is a good idea?

If you are a tradesperson who’s fed up fighting for jobs where customers just want the cheapest price then contact HomeForce to see how we can help you grow your business.

Or if you are a homeowner who’s fed up getting poor service from tradespeople then call HomeForce to arrange for an accredited tradesperson to contact you.

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