How to Reduce Administrative Time by up to 90%
At HomeForce we’re often told that “administration” is something tradespeople hate doing;
  • Compiling, sending and following up quotes and estimates
  • Generating and sending invoices
  • Sourcing the costs for materials
  • Managing cash flow
  • Doing accounts, taxes and payroll
  • Chasing slow and non-payers
But it’s a key aspect of running a small business or being self employed.
Done efficiently it will mean having far more time to do the things that earn money. It can also be the difference between growing a successful business or going under.

We can all be busy fools, rushing from one job to the next, but what’s the point if you don’t do the things that ensure you maintain a healthy bank balance.

Here we’ve looked at how administrative tasks are often done and suggested how they could be done better, to reduce administration time by up to 90%




Taking Enquiries

 Take calls while out working.

 Details written on nearest thing to hand.

 Return calls at the end of working day.

Have someone else take calls, write down details and deal with general enquiries.

Hold customer details in a data base so don't need to reenter again and again. Do admin while out and about (not just at the end of the day)   

 Scheduling admin

 Done at night or at weekend after work

 Do it while on the go using an app on a smart phone


 Preparing quotes

Type out details for each quote (name, address, job description, terms)

Print and post

Retype when doing invoice

Use Word or Excel for template

Details of customer pre-populated in job.

Templates for job description and materials.

Quotes easily sent to customer via text or email at a touch of a button

Following up on quotes

Often not done.

Unknown if customer received quote.

Automate follow up

See if / when quote opened

Sourcing costs from suppliers


Calls to suppliers for costs

Done during day as suppliers closed at night.

Store costs when entered just once in Job management app.

 Sending photos


Take on phone. Transfer to photos or folders. Create email or text. Attach photo. Name / label photo or remember which job relates too. Delete when phone memory full.

Take and save photo direct on to job on app. Available to send instantly, forever.

Sending invoices


Done when get home from work.

Type out details again OR cut and paste from quote.


Do it while still with customer.

Have customer sign-off or even pay the invoice before you leave.

Change and edit quote to invoice in one click.

Tracking invoice payments

Send invoice. Await statement. Check bank account. Mark paid.

Integrated job management with accounting software to automatically track when payment received into bank.

Chasing slow payers

Check if payment received (as above). Send again, call, and wait.

Automatically follow up as soon as not paid.

Email templates available for further follow up

 Maintain job history

Use memory and a search through old texts and emails

Have all job history directly attached to job

 Keeping your books 

Combination of spreadsheets, notes, files and folders and bits of paper.

Hand to Accountant and await a number.

Integrate with Job management app.

Do VAT, Tax and Accounts at the touch of a button

 Reduce accountant’s fees.

Sure, it makes sense to reduce admin but it’s not that simple. You may be happy with your current systems? Be worried that something new may not be better? Not have the time to learn something new by your self? Not even know where to start.

This is where HomeForce can help. To find out more call us on 0131 315 0000 or email us at