Seven Ways for Tradespeople to Grow Their Business
At HomeForce we work hard to help tradespeople grow their business while, at the same time, ensuring that they not only maintain but improve their customer service.

Below are seven ways for tradespeople to grow their business and ways that HomeForce can help with each.

1) Acquire new job leads

HomeForce provides a consistent stream of new job leads.

As a tradesperson you could spend time (and money) building a website or doing other advertising, but that can be expensive take you away from the things that make money.  

Alternatively, join HomeForce’s Accredited tradespeople.

  • We’ll do marketing on your behalf
  • And rather than sell a job lead to up to five tradespeople (like Rated People or MyBuilder), we’ll offer the job lead only to you – for you to accept or reject.

2) Convert more quotes to jobs

Instead of just getting more jobs HomeForce helps tradespeople convert more enquiries into paying jobs.

For many customers it’s not just about price. It’s the same as when you buy anything; you’ll pay more if you believe you are getting something better.
HomeForce will help your customers understand that you are better than your competitors.

3) Become more efficient   

Business growth inevitably means increased administration;
  • More quotes to send out
  • More invoices to chase up
  • More materials to order
  • More staff to monitor

HomeForce can help with this too.

Through our job management software we help reduce the amount of administration. We'll even show you how to do your administration on the go. Not just when you get home at night.

4) Employ an office helper

Rather than employing staff to execute work for customers, employing an office helper can free up your time to do the things that make money.

Or you could let HomeForce take some of the strain:

  • Accurately record customer and job details
  • Deal with common customer questions
  • Manage customer expectations
  • Ensure customers are cared for while you are on holiday
  • Follow up with customers when they don’t respond to quotes

5) Improve your cash flow

Prompt dispatch of invoices (and monitoring there payment) is key to maintaining a healthy bank balance and ensuring funds are available to pay suppliers.

HomeForce can teaches tradespeople how to get paid on-site as soon as a job is completed, easily monitor payments received and quickly (and politely) follow up those that haven't.

6) Fill gaps in your schedule

Few things drain financial reserves than having staff sitting about doing nothing. However, short notice customer cancellations or work being completed sooner than expected inevitably leads to gaps in schedules.

Better to fill this time by selecting jobs from HomeForce’s “emergency” job board than send staff home early.

7) Team up with other trades people

Teaming up with other tradespeople has numerous advantages.

But how can it be verified that they will
  • Do work to a suitable standard
  • Provide good customer service
  • Not try to defraud

Team up with a HomeForce tradesperson and you know they will have been through the same accreditation process as you.

If you’d like to find out how HomeForce can help Grow Your Business call us on 0131 315 0000, email us at or register here to start our accreditation process.