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What is Edinburgh HomeForce?

HomeForce is a customer service focused company that provides accredited and continually appraised Edinburgh tradespeople for any property maintenance, repair or renovation works in and around Edinburgh.

All HomeForce tradespeople agree to a Service Level Agreement ensuring customers receive a consistently high level of service.

HomeForce’s convenient service enables customers to:

  • Save time calling multiple trades people trying to find the right one to do their job.
  • Avoid trades people who don’t return calls, don’t turn up at appointed times and don’t send quotes and estimates when they are requested to do so.
  • Steer clear of tradesmen who carry out poor quality work or leave jobs half done.

HomeForce ensures customers don’t suffer these frustrations by carrying out a thorough vetting procedure on all it’s tradespeople and by requesting customer feedback after works are completed.

If tradespeople don’t meet the screening criteria or fall below the standards set by HomeForce they don’t receive work from HomeForce.

And, if tradespeople, let their standards drop HomeForce puts power back into the hands of customers by asking them to tell HomeForce. Anyone is capable of making a mistake but through customer feedback we weed out the trades people tradespeople who are incapable of meeting the standard we ask of them.

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History of HomeForce

HomeForce was established in May 2004 as a company providing Handyman Services. From the outset HomeForce aimed to provide a level of customer service higher than that traditionally associated with tradespeople.

Customers found HomeForce’s approach a refreshing change from the usual poor service from tradespeople. This resulted in customers requesting larger and more specialist jobs. To meet this customer demand HomeForce built up a team of trusted, reliable tradespeople to do almost any kind of property repair, maintenance or improvement work.

In early 2009 HomeForce started to promote itself as a service that could provide tried and tested, reliable trades people for any property maintenance, repair or renovation works. HomeForce now has over 80 different Edinburgh tradespeople available to customers. Services range from handymen and joiners to roofers, electricians, plumbers and Gas Safe Registered engineers

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How HomeForce works

Customers contacting HomeForce will be asked for details about the work they would like done.

HomeForce will then allocate one or more trades people to the work based on the skill sets required to carry out the work to the highest standard.

The trades person will contact the customer directly, do a quote and, if the customer proceeds with the work, issue an invoice to the customer The aim is to use the smallest number of trades people on any given job conversant with delivering the highest possible standards.

Once all works are completed HomeForce requests feedback from customers on the service they have received.

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HomeForce’s goals

It may seem an ambitious goal but it is a simple one:

HomeForce hopes to eradicate the poor customer service and poor workmanship that has become endemic among tradespeople. By doing so it hopes to re-establish the trust and respect between customers and the trades.

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