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  • Send you quality job leads
  • Give you an advantage over your competitors
  • Cut your admin time by up to 90%
  • Help you convert more quotes to jobs
  • Get you paid faster
  • Make you more profitable
  • Filter out bad customers
  • Fill gaps in your schedule with paying work
  • Generate more free time for you
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    How does HomeForce compare with other lead generation sites?
    What do you need to do?
    What do current HomeForce trades people say?

    Pay only for jobs you get. 

    With HomeForce you only pay for jobs once you have completed them. 

    Most “Lead Generation” companies charge you just to get details to quote for a job. And they sell the lead to at least three competing companies. 

    With HomeForce we send a job lead to just one tradesperson.

    Gain a competitive advantage 

    HomeForce will set up and train you on job management software which will enable you to respond faster to customers, send professional looking quotes out sooner and do your administration quicker. 

    Convert more enquiries to jobs 

    Doing any quote takes you at least two hours so you want to convert as many quotes to jobs as you can. 

    HomeForce can improve your conversion rate by at least 20%. 

    Rate customers 

    We ask you to rate customers. We don’t just ask customers to rate tradespeople. 

    These days’ customers are encouraged to post online ratings for restaurants, hotels and tradespeople and there’s nothing wrong with that. Occasionally, though, these ratings platforms are abused or are not balanced. We can all learn from constructive feedback, and we’ll help you learn from any we get, but with your feedback we’ll also help other tradespeople avoid customers who treat tradespeople unfairly.   

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    How does HomeForce compare with other lead generation sites?

    Of course there are many places you could go for job leads the table below will help you see how HomeForce compares.

    Other lead generation sites


    Charge for job leads Only charge when jobs are completed
    Sell one lead to up to five competing tradespeople  Give a job lead to just one tradesperson 
    Enable customers to "fish" for quotes when they just wonder what price might be  Only pass on qualified job leads
    Help you convert as many enquires to actual jobs 
    Teach you how to do quotes faster   
    Make you fearful of poor customer ratings  Asks you to rate customers, as well as customers rate you 
    Leave you to pursue customers when they don't pay  Mediate, free of charge, if a dispute arises
    Let customers define jobs  Use's knowledgeable call handlers to find out useful details  
    Only take enquires over the internet  Take or make phone calls to get full job details
    Encourage a "fastest finger" approach for the premier jobs    Enable you to respond to and reserve jobs in seconds without breaking into your day. 
    Focus on generating quotes for customers  Focus on maximising your billable hours (fill your diary when you receive late cancellations, finish jobs early or get delayed by other trades on job)
    Screen & verify tradespeople  Screen & Verify customers (As well as trades people)
    Provide little administrative support  Train and enable you to do admin anytime (not just when you get home at night)
    Encourage competition between tradespeople   Introduce you to like minded tradespeople to help on your own jobs
    National organisations  Local company working only in the Edinburgh area  
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    What does it take to be a HomeForce tradesperson?

    We’d love to help you grow your business but there is, as you’d expect, a commitment from you.

    You will need to: 

  • Be self employed, a sole trader or a company
  • Have your own transport and tools
  • Complete our accreditation process 
  • Adhere to HomeForce’s customer service agreement
  • Provide a CV or career history
  • Send us documentary evidence of qualifications and trades body membership
  • Provide two references
  • Make available a recent Disclosure Scotland basic check
  • Complete our skills checkers for the trade you would like to register
  • Participate in face to face interview(s) with a HomeForce representative
  • Hold public liability insurance appropriate for work to be undertaken
  • Pay a fully refundable security bond
  • Undertake training on Job Management Software
  • Maintain a professional approach with good workmanship for all jobs
  • Agree to our terms (available on request)
  • Testimonials from existing HomeForce accredited Tradespeople.

    “The service HomeForce offers private homeowner’s appeals to us as it’s honest and full of integrity, basically the same service we offer our customers. HomeForce provide a steady flow of jobs both small and, on occasions, large. It also gets our name out there in a very competitive industry” K Sands – Roofing Contractor

    “HomeForce is well organised and has helped my business growth. They are always friendly and there to assist with any queries. They have helped my company improve and developed good customer relations and awareness.” K Gear – Plastering Contractor

    “I chose to join HomeForce as it resulted in less adverting costs for me. The benefits of working with HomeForce is the good quality leads I receive, this has helped me expand my company over the last year. I had been with another lead generator service but I feel HomeForce is a lot better to work with; a lot less time is wasted and the customers are better.” P Murphy – Roofing Contractor

    “I was approached by HomeForce to join their trades team in 2013.  Since agreeing to work with this company my business has never looked back.  It has been a great way to build a good client base and get my business name known. I appreciate all the work that has come to me through HomeForce. I enjoy a good working relationship with Karen and Gavin, who are both very professional but also approachable.” C Reid – Painter & Decorator

    I joined HomeForce through a recommendation from another HomeForce tradesman. The main attraction for me was the marketing is done for you and the client is not all about looking for the cheapest option. It is also nice having the security of someone else to back you up with problem customers.”C Brown - Electrician

    “I joined Homeforce thanks to a recommendation from a friend who had been using the company for a number of years; he thought I would benefit from working in partnership with Home force. I have found this partnership to be extremely beneficial; it has given me a steady work turnover and steady income.”-D White - Plumber

    “I chose to join HomeForce after being recommended by a fellow tradesman. HomeForce has provided me with a steady flow of work which gives peace of mind if there were ever to be any quiet periods of private work. All the HomeForce staff are really easy to work with and speak to. They are always on the other end of the phone if you need any advice or to discuss anything regarding jobs. Since joining HomeForce I have taken on another tradesman. HomeForce was a big part in making the next step to taking on more staff due to the reliability of work coming in.”K Crowe - Plumber

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    Call HomeForce on 0131 315 0000 if you would like to know more about the benefits of being a HomeForce tradesperson.

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