Guide Prices (Inc. VAT)
  • Single storey extension: - £1,300 to £1,700 / Sq m*
  • Two storey extensions: - £1,800 to £2,500 / Sq m*
  • Attic conversions: - £700 to £1,000 / Sq m
  • Garage conversion: - £6,000 to £12,000
  • 2m high boundary wall: - £140 to £200 / m
  • Dormer Windows: - £3,000 - £6,000
  • Slab laying / Block Work: - £50 - £100 / Sq m
*Based on "Foot Print Area"

Prices are a guide only. Actual costs may be higher or lower.

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General Information
What is a Builder?

Our definition of a builder is a company that will provide an “All Trades Service” as well as the project management to carry out significant property renovation or alteration works, or structural repairs.

Tradespeople may claim to offer an “All trades service” but in reality it may be just one individual with a number of tradesperson contacts. A builder, on the other hand, will employ a significant number of its tradespeople though they will also have a network of subcontractors to call on when required.

We would also differentiate between builders and companies that specialise in bathroom or kitchen refits. They will be multi trades organizations though may lack the trades to do ground works or structural work.

At HomeForce we are firm believers in getting the “right person” for a job. In some cases that may be a small group of individual trades and in some cases that may be a builder.

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