• From £45 per hour (No VAT)
  • Minimum charge of £45
  • Parts and parking charged in addition
  • All jobs quoted or estimated free of charge
Home Office Technology

The right Computer and IT support services when setting up a home office can save endless hours compared to a DIY approach.
When setting up at home for the first time then certainly every penny is a prisoner but good IT support and Computer advice will get you up and running faster and with much less stress.

An IT professional will help with advice on what is best for you (based on your budget), getting the best deals on hardware (and software) and can even provide training to get the most out of the technology available

  • VoIP: - Telephone calls over the internet to save 25% and more over fixed line costs.
  • Remote Access servers: - Keep your data safe and in a location where you can access it from any device
  • Essential Software programmes to maximise efficiency
  • Anti virus and Fire wall protection
  • Data back up should the worse happen
  • Remote issue resolution.

To arrange to discuss your requirements with an IT professional contact HomeForce on 0131 315 0000.

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