Charges / Prices
  • £65 for first hour
  • £45 / hr thereafter
  • Minimum charge £65 when work executed
  • Allow from £200 / property for 6 property system
  • Allow from £150 / property for 12 property system
  • Free, no obligation estimates or quotations
  • Diagnostic work charged at hourly rate.
Common Door Entry System Faults

For door entry systems, as with most things, the hardest part of making a repair is finding what the fault is in the first place.

Following are some of the more commons faults with door entry systems and their causes.

Handset not buzzing / ringing

  • Broken wire/ connection
  • Dropped voltage in system
  • Faulty handset

Lock Release not operating

  • Could be mechanical (button sticking, over tightening of the lock)
  • Or electrical: - Voltage dropping, connections being lost
  • Part failure:- button on handset or failure of the release mechanism

Services or trades button does not work

  • Power not getting to the time clock
  • Time clock settings not correct / working
  • Break in circuit

Acoustic / Audio interference

  • Volume controls not properly adjusted
  • Speech panel loose / incorrectly fitted
  • Audio feed back between handset and panel
  • Off balance volume
  • Cabling or charge issues

To arrange for a door entry specialist to repair a fault on your door entry system call HomeForce on 0131 315 0000 or email

Door Entry System Services
  • Find and repair faults
  • Door entry installation or replacement
  • Single or multiple entry phone systems
  • Audio only or audio and visual
  • CCTV door entry
  • Replacement handsets
  • Lock repairs
  • Release mechanism repairs
  • Coded and key entry
  • Vandal resistant
  • Tenements, individual houses or offices
  • Job not listed? Just call & ask.
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