• Clearance / jetting from £110 / Hr + VAT
  • CCTV survey from £75 / hr + VAT
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  • Assistant (Usually Required) at £35 / hr +VAT
  • Larger jobs estimated at no charge

(NB: - Diagnostic work is chargeable)
How to prevent blocked drains

It may be useful to know the common causes of drain blockage

  • Sanitary products, cotton buds or baby wipes put down the toilet
  • Grease or fat put down kitchen sink
  • Hair clogging the bath or shower drain
  • Children; not falling in, but dropping toys or, say, car keys down the toilet.
  • Dead leaves gathering round any drain or drain cover will find their way into the drain
  • And, possibly the most expensive to resolve are collapsed drains often caused by tree roots seeking out a nutrient rich source of water.

The obvious way to prevent a blockage then is to prevent these items finding their way in into a drain

  • Keep a waste bin in the bathroom for all sanitary waste products
  • Properly scrape plates, pans and crockery before washing
  • When washing dishes use a detergent to break down oils and fats.
  • Regularly clean hair from shower and bath waste traps. Ensure the trap allows this to be done easily.
  • Keep external drains, gutters and down pipes clear of debris and other vegetation
  • Unfortunately Children and Tree roots are less easily monitored.

Symptoms of a possible blockage

  • Gurgling sound, its’ trapped air forcing its way up through the water draining away.
  • Slow draining sinks, toilets, baths and showers
  • The water level in the toilet rising higher than usual and also falling lower than usual
  • Bad or sulphurous smells emanating from drains.
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