Floor Sanding Services In Edinburgh

HomeForce provides Edinburgh Floor Sanding specialists who will deliver a stunning finish every time. 

HomeForce Floor Sanding specialists in Edinburgh have been thoroughly vetted and are appraised after completion of every job they carry out for HomeForce customers.

There is something indescribably satisfying and warming about a beautifully sanded original wood floor. It will bring a room to life like no other floor finish can. Plus, aside from your personal enjoyment of a renovated floor, there is evidence to suggest that well maintained and presented real wood floors can add value to your property when compared with carpets, vinyl or laminate.

HomeForce Floor Sanding Specialists use the latest equipment and efficient techniques resulting in negligible dust and ensuring the best possible finish.

HomeForces knowledgeable specialists can discuss with you the options for really bringing your floor to life, delivering the finish you want and ensuring your long term enjoyment of a beautifully sanded floor.

  • Dust free sanding
  • Gap Filling
  • Board Replacement
  • Waxing
  • Varnishing
  • Oiling
  • Staining 
  • Expert, professional advice

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Why use our sanding specialist?

Floor sanders are available to hire from many tool hire firms in Edinburgh. Many handymen, joiners or labourers will give sanding a go and may offer low prices. However, with something as visible as a sanded wooden floor it’s definitely something we feel is better left to the experts.

Through experience a specialist sander will know the right grade of sanding roll to use, what varnishes and finishes are best, when to use a stain and when to leave the natural wood, how best to fill holes between floor boards, how to remove gouges and grooves and how to get the finished sanded floor as flat and mirror like as possible

A bad floor sander blames his tools but there is no doubt that there is a difference between the sanding finish achieved by the equipment used by a specialist. And not to mention the dust free sanding.

As well as the equipment an out and out floor sander will have access to and knowledge of the best floor varnishes, polishes, waxes and stains. You may not notice the initial difference but over time a properly varnished floor will out last one varnished with poorer quality floor varnish.

Ultimately many people will be able to discuss theory behind sanding and how to achieve a good finish but when it comes to putting it into practice a specialist will have the experience to do it more efficiently, to a higher standard and so that it lasts longer

To arrange for a reliable Edinburgh Floor Sander specialist to visit you, complete the request a visit form or call 0131 315 0000.

For more information email your question to info@homeforcegroup.co.uk