• From £40/ hr for first hour.
  • £30/ hr for each subsequent hour.
  • Minimum charge 1 hour (£40).
  • Larger jobs estimated at no charge.
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What is a handyman and what can he do?

According to Wikipedia “a handy person: - is skilled in a wide range of repairs typically around the home”  or The Collins Online Dictionary states “a man employed to do various tasks” or a “man skilled in odd jobs”

At HomeForce we think of a handyman as someone who will execute all the jobs that a homeowner lacks the time, skills, tools or inclination to do themselves.

While it is true that some handymen are sufficiently skilled to fit an entire bathroom or kitchen, it is important to remember that not all multi-skilled tradespeople share the same skill set. Some are better at joinery, some at tiling while others excel at painting.

With the diversity of skills, knowledge and tools required to professionally execute jobs around the house we feel it’s important to take the time to understand the requirements of all jobs and then match the tradesperson to them. This is one reason why our handyman service is backed up by a range of highly skilled, time-served specialists.

In our experience jobs usually go wrong when they are taken on by those who lack the knowledge and skills to do them. The intention might be to not let a customer down and it can be deflating to say “I just don’t know” but the end result is inevitably an unsatisfactory job. A HomeForce handyman knows he should never tackle a job he is unsure about and has the reassurance of knowing that the job can still be done by a vetted HomeForce professional.

For the moment there is no UK Government endorsed body covering the regulation of handymen or indeed an agreed standard to which handymen must comply. In the meantime we hope that HomeForce’s vetting and checking procedures and endeavours to send the right person to a job will ensure that your odd-jobs are done to the highest professional standards

What can our handymen do for you?
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