• From £40/ hour for 1st hour.
  • £30/ hour for each subsequent hour
  • Min charge to cover 1 hour (£40)
  • Larger jobs estimated free of charge
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Edinburgh Door Hanging

Door Hanging is a good test of carpentry skills but is bread and butter to a qualified and skilled joiner.

Here are a few things to look out for when you are having doors hung in your property. For a more detailed explanation of door fitting CLICK HERE

  • Door Fit
    • There should be an even gap all round the door. Usually around 2mm for internal doors
    • A rattling door may be a sign of badly fitted latches or door stops
    • In Edinburgh tenement flats the door frame or opening itself may not be square due to settlement over the years 
  • Hinge Position
    • 6 inches from the top, 9 inches from the bottom and the third right in the middle
  • Bedding in of hinges
    • Should be done with a chisel or router and not leave splintered wood
  • Pilot Screw Holes
    • If screw holes are not piloted this can lead to weakening of the door or splintering

To arrange for a qualified joiner to provide a quote to hang stairwell doors, exterior doors or internal doors at your property call HomeForce on 0131 315 0000, complete a request a visit form or email us at

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