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What is plumbing?
Plumbing as we know it probably dates from as far back as Roman times. Indeed if a current day Edinburgh Plumber was to walk into a Roman bathroom they’d feel perfectly at home with hot and cold taps and a flush toilet. Though they’d suck their teeth at the lead pipe work.  

Current plumbing and pipe installations are regulated under the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (

In Scotland Scottish Water are responsible for delivering water of an acceptable quality and under certain conditions to your home. They monitor and manage pressure, quality, treatment, and waste water.

While the water is “inside” a house this is the responsibility of the homeowner. Similarly to external water there are also many rules and regulations about how water flows around your house, how it is used and how waste water leaves your property

Given the level of controls and legislation we think it’s important that we only provide properly qualified, trained and experienced plumbers.
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