• From £80 / hr (subject to work type)
  • Minimum charge of £100
  • Survey and report from £150
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Information on Tree Surgeon Services
What is a Tree Surgeon?

Tree Surgeons are in demand to carry out: clearance of fallen trees, proactive tree management (for example to prevent them causing property damage), tree clearance from sites of building work or stump grinding or removal.

However, a tree surgeon is more correctly called an Arborist or, less commonly, an Arboriculturist, which suggests they have a bit more in their repertoire than chopping down / up trees.

Arborioculture is defined as management, cultivation and study of trees, shrubs and vines. The skill set includes being able to identify and treat diseases in trees.

Working Safely with Trees

A key part of all the qualifications that a tree surgeon can attain (see City and Guilds) is the health and safety aspect. There is far more to being a Tree Surgeon than owning a chainsaw and a set of ladders, and having a head for heights. Training not only covers  “how to” but also "How to SAFELY".

For this reason we would always recommend that you employ a trained, qualified and insured professional Tree Surgeon for tree or hedge work.

As a basic rule; if you need to get on a ladder to carry out the work then the tree is too large for you to prune.

What can our tree surgeons not do?

What can our Tree Surgeon do for you?
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